24 May 2019
North Ranch
Congress, AZ

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: May 24, 1931

I used a lot of data yesterday while online shopping. I needed to replace my Carhartt cargo pants that have developed a couple of large holes where my legs rub together. I went to the Carhartt web page and found that they did not have my size in any color, then tried Tractor Supply and none my size there either tried to find my size any place other than Amazon and had no luck. Finally ordered from Amazon which had my size in one color of the five that Carhartt claims to offer.

The pants are made in China. In fact I think everything I wear is probably made in China. I know my shoes are which will be the next thing that I need to replace. The brand that I have bought the past 3-4 times does offer a similar shoe that is made in the USA but if ordered today would cost me about 50% more. With the latest tariffs that President Trump announced my next purchase of shoes is going to cost me more no matter what I buy. The vast majority of shoes sold in this country are made in China and I don't see any evidence that the tariffs are creating more USA shoe manufacturing.

The same two javelina were at the same place this morning. This time we walked past them

within 30' and they did nothing. They seemed to be intent on eating bird seed that was spilled on the ground from a bird feeder. They looked up when we went past but then got their snout back in the ground.

The only other thing of note is the receipt of my bill for Desperado's insurance. Surprise, surprise the annual premium remained the same as last year. Paid today with a lot of trial and error at their online web site.

leftpic The only positive thing I can say about this book is that it is short. I certainly can not recommend it and think it is probably the worst of all the Jerome K. Jerome books that I have read. It gets a lot of favorable customer reviews at goodreads.com but is just not my cup of tea.

Tea-table Talk is an imaginary conversation between the writer and a number of unnamed characters at the afternoon tea table. The Woman of the World, the Old Maid, the Girton Girl, the Philosopher and the Minor Poet wax lyrical on subjects like marriage, art, society and politics. - Book promo @ goodreads.com

Senator Hawley's speech - Continued:
We Missourians are known for our frankness, and today I will be frank. Because this is a moment of great need for my state and for our nation. For this nation was born in a revolution by We the People, and premised on a revolutionary faith: that it is the people, the common man and woman, who make democracy work. And it is the calling of every generation to renew that revolution for their day. But in our time, our revolutionary faith is faltering. And in the heartland of this country, the great challenge of our age is unfolding. I come from a town called Lexington, Missouri. It’s a small place, but a proud one. It’s a place where people wake early and work late to make a life for themselves and their children. It’s a place where people value honesty and gumption and life’s simple pleasures: a fine morning in a deer stand, reading to the kids before bed, Sunday dinner at Mom’s. And though it is humble, it’s a place that reflects the dignity and quiet greatness of the working man and woman. These are the people who explored a continent, who built the railroads, who opened the West. These are the workers whose labor launched the Industrial Revolution and whose ingenuity made the American economy the marvel of the world. These are the families who have rallied to this country’s flag in every hour of danger and who bear the burden of defending our nation even now. These are the patriots who man the re department and coach the Little League. These are the generous who give $25 a month out of their gas money to assist people halfway around the globe they will never meet just because they believe in helping others.
They don’t ask for much, and they live by a simple creed: give the best of yourself to your family, your community, and your fellow man. And America is a place of promise, because in these hearts, honor lives. But these working men and women are confronting crisis today. And as they do, so does our democracy. After years of sacrifice, the great American middle is being pushed aside by a new, arrogant aristocracy. The new aristocrats seek to remake society in their own image: to engineer an economy that works for the elite but few else, to fashion a culture that is dominated by their own preferences. When they think of helping their fellow citizens, they think of making everyone else more like themselves. And Washington – Washington has just gone along. This town has embraced a politics of elite values and elite ambition rather than building opportunities to thrive in the great and broad American middle. This has left middle America—the great American middle class—under siege: battling the loss of respect and work, the decline of home and family, an epidemic of loneliness and despair. This is the crisis of our time. I’m afraid you wouldn’t know it to listen to the talk of this town much of the time. As the crisis deepens, the political establishment looks the other way, rehearsing and rehashing the political debates of thirty or forty years ago. But there is no time for that any longer. The twenty-first century is upon us. And the great struggle of this century can no longer wait. The crisis that we face goes to the heart of our revolution.

To be Continued

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