17 March 2019
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ

The low this morning was 35.5 as reported by my nearby Weather Underground station. That was somewhat lower than their forecast whereas the National weather Service was right on with the 38 they reported and their forecast. Both reporting stations think that the high today will be near 70 and tomorrow morning the low will be in the lower 40s. Great expectations.

I went online shopping last night and bought Patches some more Pet MD Hip and Joint Supplement at a website other than Amazon. I wanted to get a box of 1000 EZ Dog Poop Pick Up Bags at the same site but they were out of stock. I then did a web search and found 5-6 other online sellers that were also out of stock. They only place that I found that had them for sale was Amazon. I have a suspicion that Amazon buys all the bags that EZ can produce.

I have quoted only a couple of paragraphs of an article that provides a completely different spin on the Venezuela story than what the United States mainstream media propaganda provides. The article was written by a Marxist so there is propaganda from the authors point of view also but he presents a side of the story that you will not find in US media.

Now, two weeks too late, even the New York Times has been forced to admit that “one [Venezuelan government] claim that appears to be backed up by video footage is that the protesters started the fire”. The same NY Times investigation also concludes that the Venezuelan government was right in saying the US and the opposition were lying about the trucks containing medicine: “the claim about a shipment of

medicine, too, appears to be unsubstantiated, according to videos and interviews.”

The admission by the NY Times, though it is unlikely to be covered as widely as the initial, false, reports, is very significant. We knew the US was lying, right from the beginning, as there was proof. Now it has been forced to admit it. This should provide a salutary lesson for the next time the US or its Venezuelan opposition make any outrageous claims about the “Maduro regime”. The lesson is: “question everything Washington and the mass media tell you about a government they want to overthrow.” - From “humanitarian aid” to a nationwide blackout: what next for Trump's coup in Venezuela?, Jorge Martin

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