22 January 2019
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ

The weather guessers are expecting a cold day today with the high in the mid 50s. Then tomorrow morning the low will be even colder than the 31.2 that we had this morning. Slowly warming during the 10 day forecast to reach an expected high of 66 but then cold again. Winter is still here but nothing like some places in the United States.
I have managed to do some more pixel art drawing on the Japanese theme piece but it has been even more difficult. It was hard enough before but with the 5 year old, or more, prescription glasses that I'm now wearing I'm having even more trouble seeing what to do.

Reading my Paperwhite is somewhat more difficult but not as much as reading my laptop screen. In both cases I can increase the font size which makes it easier. I can do that in GIMP for the pixel art as well but that creates other problems.

I quote part of a poem about getting old.

..so the doctor orders me a test that is audible
Contradictive of her opinion my hearing is less than optimal
My vision is not as keen, so progressive lens are ordered at the nearest optical
Unattractive teeth no longer, these dentures I now wear for a smile that is exceptionable
Addictive medications I hate to take, so I chug this vitamin supplemental
Cognitive of my lack of patience, could it be all of these pharmaceuticals?
Alternative medications, herbal and organics could they be just as viable?
I am positive that getting old is hell, but it sure beats the alternative and that is undeniable!

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