19 November
RoVers Roost
Casa Grande, AZ

no pic
Cloudy this morning and much warmer than yesterday although the forecast is for the high temperature to be cooler. There is also an 80% chance of rain today, tonight and tomorrow with the daily highs dropping down into the 60s. I'll be whining about it being cold.

I don't have much planned for these days that may include rain. There are holding tanks to be dumped this morning and it
looks like I'll be able to do that before there is any rain.

A good time to be on the couch with Patches. Maybe finish one of the books that I have been reading, the one on Paperwhite will probably be the first one. The one on the Kindle Fire is 784 pages in paperback and I'm now about 600 pages into it. The other book on Kindle Fire is just an on and off read that may take me weeks to finish.

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