25 September 2018
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ


Verizon claims data usage to be whatever they want. When I turned on my MIFI device this morning they claimed I had my full billing cycle limit available. Then about an hour latter they claimed that I had used all but 1.55GB. When that balance was subtracted from what they claimed I had yesterday I used over 300GB. Was connected to Verizon and visited the same sites as on Sunday when I used 90GB.

I need to continue using the Park WIFI as much as possible because Verizon is going to claim I have used my limit even If i don't have the MIFI device turned on. Fortunately the Park WIFI has been very good for what I usually find in RV Parks.

Not much happening with me today. I started laundry right after we finished our morning walk. That and more web page editing will probably be all that I do today.

The News is the Same O Same O. The Establishment did not help their cause to kill Kavanaugh's nomination with their latest accuser. I suspect they will trot out another one before Thursday. I also suspect that Kavanaugh will become a Supreme Court justice. This has all been part of keeping the 'masses' entertained and getting their blood up for the November elections.
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