18 September 2019
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ

Began the day with our morning walk which is starting a little later but we are still out there before sunup. Breakfast was at Booga Red's where I got their Chorizo and Eggs. It was shopping day but also laundry day so that was my next stop. While the washer was doing its thing I got this posting started.

When laundry was dry and folded away it was time to get groceries. That didn't take long and got to Western Drug just as they opened . I wanted to get cash to cover a check issued in payment for this month Park rent that bounced. I used the last check in my checkbook last month and grabbed some more out of a box that had Wells Fargo on it but the checks were for my old Ally Bank account. What a bonehead I was!

Found out that my Daily Limit on the ATM
Card from Wells is so low that it is almost worthless. Couldn't get enough cash from the ATM but was able to get a Cash advance on the card from the Bank. The Park host was also able to save me some money on the check bounce fees so that helps pay for the ATM and Cash Advance fees. I need to talk to Wells Fargo about the Daily Limit, what a bonehead I am!
But the biggest question of all in this is simple. How dumb do these people think we are?
We can read licence plates from space but we can’t tell where a swarm of missiles that hit one of the most strategically important piece of real estate in the entire world came from?
Seriously? - Questions, Not Answers Surround U.S. Push to War with Iran, Tom Luongo
leftpic I couldn't find anyone in recent years that has read this book other than me. Searched high and low in the Internet and couldn't find a thing. Couldn't even find a book promo. I have provided a couple of long excerpts from the book during the past couple of days, so you should have a feeling about the book. Kenneth L. Roberts was an Italophile and
lived in Italy for some of the years while he was writing the novels that he is best known for. That could account for his liking Italian Fascism but was very critical of German Fascism that became Nazism.

Roberts wrote some more nonfiction in the 1920s but I have not been able to find a source for any of the books. I'll now start to read his historical fiction that made his reputation. Even that first book has not been that easy to find.

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